Estefania d'Esperies
May 2016

For the first time since it was established in 2012, HUNTCLUB has invited an international artist, Argentinian photographer Estefania d’Esperies, to the showcase as part of the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival. In her documentary series, Hotel Gondolín, d’Esperies offers viewers an intimate perspective of the transgender and transsexual community in her native Buenos Aires. 


Hotel Gondolín has been a home and refuge for transsexual and transgender sex workers for decades. It is a modern-day tenement run by its residents who are “authentic contemporary heroines,” fighting for their place in society with quiet dignity. D’Esperies and her collaborator Patricio Binagni spent eight months documenting the daily realities of the residents. The photographs, full of colour and light, grit and darkness, are an intimate window into the lives of a marginalized group of women. The project was published by Paripe III Books, Madrid in 2015 and has been exhibited in Europe and South America.