Broadbent Sisters
Sculpture & Installation
October 2015

The Broadbent Sisters continue their ongoing practice Clearing Spaces at the new HUNTCLUB gallery space. In Living Room the gallery is transformed into an immersive and hypnotic domestic space. The Broadbents fuse the mystical and domestic, bringing awareness to the interplay between gallery and home - public and private space.

Exploring the meditative repetition of wallpaper, a traditionally functional art form, the artists push the static decor into pulsating patterns. Their catalogue of custom ‘meditative’ wallpaper prints are made up of images sourced from previous incarnations of the Clearing Spaces series.

Replacing the sculptural function of found objects and ready-mades, the artists have created new sculptural work using 3D printing technology. The unpolished plastic print out is made delicate by the soft form of the draped bodies, held together by a fragile braid.

The Broadbents are influenced by meditative practices, religious rituals & pop spirituality. They draw aesthetic inspiration from mass-produced therapeutic objects and elemental nature. Through Clearing Spaces they have created their own brand of ritualistic practice, which fuses their inspiration, intuition, technology and a multitude of mediums.