Nicole Charles
October 2016

Nicole Charles works with soluble pigments and sheets of acrylic panels to create light, elusive abstractions. Memory Screen is her first solo exhibition of a series with a single focus. The series explores a process that is both as ambiguous and delicate as our memory. Each work is composed of multiple layers, which Charles uses to create transparency and depth.

Her process is slow and deliberate leaving room for the unexpected as her medium does not allow for absolute control of the outcome. Ultimately the artist surrenders to the fluidity of the paint. With great care and patience, Charles often works on multiple layers simultaneously, waiting for each to dry for extended periods before they are assembled. The final piece is never obvious to her; putting the layers together is like solving a puzzle.

Charles artistic approach is meditative, giving her time to reflect. Memory Screen is a series inspired by some of her most poignant memories. Creating the work was a process that allowed her to interpret her memories and their emotional residue through colour, shape and brush stroke.