Kathryn Macnaughton
Digital Collage
December 2015

Kathryn Macnaughton has always had an eye for vintage pornography. In her series of digital collages titled I’m Out Of Fucking Time she reclaims the bodies of exotic models and empowers them by reconstructing their environment. Using scans from old Playboys, the artist finds her subjects by removing their face - the anonymity helps to eliminate the male gaze.

Her subjects remain seductive, but on their own terms. She places the bodies, their fragments like individual brushstrokes, among tropical plants and swathes of colour. She gives them a reclining chair to lean on and coyly obscures their genitals. She uses cartoons as a play on children’s fantasy versus the sexual fantasy from which the subjects are removed.

What we are left with is an impression of a beautiful body, at ease in its environment, for its own pleasure rather than someone else’s. This is a very vulnerable, intimate and honest expression of a liberated woman.