Pascal Paquette
September 2016

In his second exhibition with HUNTCLUB, Toronto artist Pascal Paquette opens the fall season with a series of small, personal works inspired by the artist’s life. The paintings that he refers to as “tidbits of things from the totality”, were referenced from photographs taken by the artist focusing on landscape, journey and family. In reflecting on his everyday realities Paquette feels that day to day living is often consumed by big picture thinking, waiting for the future. However, he wholeheartedly believes that life as well as art “is not about big moments, but about the little things that happen randomly.”

Paquette consciously shifted his focus to the present in order not to miss the beauty of the everyday. As a seasoned street artist, he is used to a larger than life canvas in his mural work scattered around Toronto. By confining his study to small (16” x 20”) canvases he was able to change his perspective, look at things closer, and paint with a more meticulous brush. The Rule of Little Things refers to a new period in the artist’s life, one where the details are more important than the big picture.

Paquette has been working on the series, which began as studies in new painting techniques, since December of 2014. Although his process involved a lot of experimentation and technical studies, he approached the canvas with very precise subject matter. His goal was to capture the emotional connection he felt to his subjects, often his wife and son. Paquette has always worked with strong, saturated colour palettes. In this series he pushed these colour choices to help capture memory, nostalgia and the fleeting softness of the everyday.