Todd Westendorp
Curated by Rajni Perera
Printed Works
November 2015

Places, palaces of prayer.
Fictional religions realer than truth \ spiritualities.
A sparse, laymen's approach to architecture as seen from a distance.
A mirage.

Imagine, if you will, travelling treacherous terrain on earth, through extreme temperatures, hungry, thirsty, sore, exhausted, with no sign of civilization in sight. What would motivate you to go further? What would it take to push through your limitations and to reach your destination?

A mirage appears when you start hallucinating from succumbing to extremes. It acts as a beacon of hope to draw you further. A mirage is a glimpse; a shadow of what may be waiting for you if you just keep going. Let us imagine you reach your destination and that mirage is real. What does it look like? Let us imagine the mirage is a structure. When you reach it, is it glorious and extravagant? All you saw was a simple building and the possibility of help. Do you deserve a palace? You didn’t need a kingdom of excesses to get you through extreme and threatening conditions. All you needed was a sign that something was there to help. All you needed was a blur.

What you saw is what you get now. It’s all you needed to get by. All you wanted to keep it moving. What you wanted IS what you needed and that is what you are given. The structures are presented in their raw state as seen on the horizon, reflecting the lifespan of their purpose to those in need of a beacon, a place of peace and spiritual rest amongst a harsh terrain.

The central series of multiples consists of ten prints per image. The prints themselves show a history of printmaking from the screen, a roughness resulting from use, a rawness which serves to break the pristine nature of the images themselves and their digital origins, lending further to the human and mythological aspect of the works.