Dahae Song
Oil Painting & Digital Works
January 2016

In her first solo exhibition, fragments, self, emerging Toronto artist Dahae Song shares an intensely personal body of work. Her paintings and digital compositions are a construction and reconstruction of emotional and psychological states that led Song out of an intimate darkness. The focus of the exhibition is a sizeable triptych, canvases towering over the petite frame of the artist. Each panel is inhabited by dozens of red and white figures that Song refers to as her friends; not representations of friends, but the friends she’s created as an act of resurrecting her self from broken fragments.

The artist is interested in the human experience: the construction of memory and identity in a technologically mediated world. In her digital work she aims to synchronize the physical and virtual states. Song has created a distinctive visual language. She uses a limited set of tool to create her digital manipulations and once printed she often revisits the canvas with a paintbrush to give it a human touch.

Employing traditional mediums and digital aesthetics, her art is the tangible result of abstract concepts that toggle between paint and pixel.